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The Mission

This site is dedicated to the American legend - the Chevrolet Corvette. It was designed by me, John Silverio, as a tool to assist, inform, and entertain fans of the Corvette. I hope you'll enjoy the variety of content and photographs I have gathered on this site. Most photos were taken at recent shows, special events, or while cruising around Western Pennsylvania towns in my own C4. Whether in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Allegheny, or Butler County, Beaver County, and Westmoreland County, or anywhere else in Western Pennsylvania, there sure are many fine Corvettes.

Corvette Photo Galleries
Here you can see the wide variety of Corvettes photographed in Western Pennsylvania by John Silverio. All generations of Corvettes are represented here, whether they are pure stock, customized, or highly modified. The many local Corvette shows and club functions are displayed here with pictures of participants' Corvettes. My goal is to showcase the many Corvettes that reside in the Western Pennsylvania area for visitors to enjoy.

Other Corvette Web Sites
Links to other Corvette web sites, that provide helpful information and advice, historical facts and figures, or forums with other Corvette owners, are listed here. If you need any assistance with your Corvette, this web site can provide a great starting point for your answers. And watch in the near future for classified ads of local Corvettes, parts, and accessories available for sale on this site.

Thanks for Visiting - Come On Back Again
I would appreciate any email with suggestions or feedback about this site. If you own a Corvette and live in Western Pennsylvania, I hope to someday to stop by and visit. Maybe I could even photograph your Corvette for display on this site. And to all Corvette owners everywhere, I want to personally thank you for keeping the legend on the road. The Corvette is a true American classic and may its next 50 years be as grand as its first ones have been. Remember to save the wave!
John Silverio - Web Master