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C5 Photo
Year 1965 396 ci / 425 HP 2,157 Units

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Need Help With Your C4?
Having a frustrating mechanical problem with your C4? Searching for expert advice on a performance upgrade that will really work? Maybe you’re looking for a reputable source for parts to enhance your Corvette’s handling or braking? Then you may want to visit one of these three following web sites that specializes in C4 issues. Click here for more info.

Jim's Fine 1967 Photo Gallery
Click here to see some photos of Jim's superb '67 Marlboro Maroon Coupe. This spotless classic originally was delivered to a California dealer before journeying here to Western Pennsylvania. It's hard to believe that this fine Corvette Coupe is almost 40 years old. These photos were shot in the great nostalgic downtown or Irwin. They look as if the '67 Coupe was taken back then in the time it was brand new.

Corvette Forum's C4 Ron
Click here to read about CorvetteRon from the great Corvette Forum web site. Whenever one has a request to be made concerning their C4's on the forum, Ron is always very helpful. He was kind enough to let me interview him so that I could get to know a little more about him. I asked Ron some questions about his lifetime passion for Corvettes and you'll enjoy hearing what he had to say.

Click here is back!
As a C4 Corvette owner, I always appreciated the great source of valuable information that was on the C4Vettes web site. For over eight years, the previous web master compiled all types of troubleshooting help for 1984 - 1996 Corvettes. Then in 2004 the site went away as the owner departed with his Corvette and approached retirement. I contacted him and he graciously offered to let me have all these good C4 information. Click here to take a look

New Corvette Screen Savers
Click below to select a screen saver for each of the six different Corvette generations. Each screen saver was built from 10 different photos I took over the past few years. Instructions are provided too for this very simple installation. As an added bonus, each generation also has 5 wall paper backgrounds for Windows users.