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C5 Photo
Year 1965 396 ci / 425 HP 2,157 Units

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What's Happening to Corvette Prices Article
Click here to read an article about current pricing conditions for Corvettes that I wrote. Is it a good time to hold off selling your Corvette? There are now over 800 Corvettes for sale on EBay Motors. Is money too tight now for the average Corvette buyer? Read why it may be a the best time to be a buyer in today's Corvette marketplace. And please send me your comments at the end of this article.

Corvette Magazine Review
Click here to read about the ultimate Corvette publication - “Corvette Magazine. ” See why many Corvette enthusiasts find this magazine to be the best in the publication industry. Great photographs and illustrations along with superb articles make this magazine my personal favorite. And please send me your comments at the end of this article.

My First Corvette - 1966 Sting Ray Convertible
I remember the whole thing so very well, even though it was more than 25 years ago. Buying my first Corvette was so memorable. Here I document how wonderful that time was and chronicle my pleasant experience. Click here to read more.

C4 Generation Photo Gallery
Click here to see 27 high resolution and large format C4 Generation photographs. This popular generation of Corvette ran from 1984 through 1996 and brought Corvette back as a true world class performance sports car. Many Corvette fans find this generation's styling to be its best with the newly introduced clam shell hood and the introduction of the convertible again after many years of absence in 1986.

1972– “More Mandated Changes in Performance”
Click here for some information and facts on how the Corvettehad weathered many changes back in 1972. Horsepower was now rated differently than in the past years and was considered a very big change for this time. The C3 styling experienced some cosmetic changes in this year which are discussed. This was to be the last year for both front and rear chrome bumpers with the advent of federally mandated crash bumpers to come in 1973. There were only 27,004 total Corvettes produced with the LT1 and ZR1 options appearing in very limited numbers and desirable today by some collectors.

C4 Sensor Information
Click here for some background information on C4 (1984-1996) Corvette sensors. This article helps provide troubleshooting assistance on the many various sensors including their locations and proper output values. The C4 Corvettes brought with their new designs a dependency on many sensors for achieving great performance, improved gas mileage, and heightened reliability. Every C4 owner should take a look at this sensor information.