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Year 1958 9,168 Corvettes Built
C5 Photo
Year 1965 396 ci / 425 HP 2,157 Units

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1957 – “ Corvette Is a World Class Sports Car ”
Click here for some background information on how the Corvette became a true world class sports car in 1957. It now was ready to take on all challengers from abroad and began defining its heritage as one of the worlds greatest sport cars for the next 50 years. Here you will see an increasing number of available options which made ordering a racing version of a Corvette possible for many weekend warriors.

Before Buying Your C4 Advice and Tips
Click here for some great information on what to do before buying a C4 (1984-1996) Corvette. This article discusses critical issues all prospective buyers should be aware of firsthand. Many of the topics also will apply to any Corvette, so those looking for non-C4 Corvettes, may find helpful tips here too. Best of luck to those in search of their next Corvette.

1967 – “The Most Favorite of Corvettes”
Click here for facts and figures on the most popular of all Corvettes - the 1967 model. This model represented the final year of the Sting Ray production from 1963 - 1967. Many folks passed on purchasing this model in anticipation of the “Mako Shark” model for 1968. Most investors and serious collectors consider this to be the best year, especially the big block 427 cubic inch optioned models.

C4 Maintenance Schedule Information
Click here for information on C4's (1984 - 1996) maintenance schedules. It is very important that C4 owners follow proper maintenance to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs. Here you will find a very simple plan that should keep your C4 running in top shape. Regular maintenance is very easy to perform and is one's best guarantee against unpredictable break downs and major component failures.

Common Corvette Buying Myths
Click here if you are considering buying a Corvette to review some of the more popular myths. Ten myths out of many are discussed in this article which I have heard over the years. It amazes me how many of them are considered factual. If I forgot any other buying myths, please email me describing them.

C4 Electronic Systems Information and Diagnostics
Click here for information on C4's (1984 - 1996) electronic systems. General information, troubleshooting, and diagnosing various problems can be found in this article. Batteries, alternators, and fuel systems are discussed here. If you are experiencing problems with your Corvette's electrical system, this article may be able to help you fix the problem yourself. If the answer is not here, I list a great online resource for more assistance.