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Year 1955 Manual Transmissions 75 Units
Corvette Photos
Year 1964 327 ci / 300 HP 10,471 Units
Corvette Photos
Year 1996 Coupe base Price $ 36,785
Corvette Photos
Year 1996 Coupe base Price $ 36,785

Do you need help with your C4? "You may just find the answer here on the web"

Having a frustrating mechanical problem with your C4? Searching for expert advice on a performance upgrade that will really work? Maybe you’re looking for a reputable source for parts to enhance your Corvette’s handling or braking? Then you may want to visit one of these following web sites that specializes in C4 issues:

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C4 Vettes "The C4 Corvette Information Source"
Here you will find in-depth information, fact sheets, service bulletins, defective reports, and recall information for all years of C4’s. An excellent troubleshooting section on the C4’s Electronic Computer Module, electronic diagnostics, and sensor information are a few of the great information located here. Also you will find a listing of the RPO codes for C4’s which describes all the options for each year. Click here to visit C4Vettes

Corvette Forum
Corvette Forum "THe Internet's Corvette Community" is an independent enthusiast site and club. Here you will find sections for C4’s that specialize with Technical / Performance, Scan and Tune, Forced Induction and Nitrous, and C4’s for sale along with parts. This very popular web site also offers advice on the other generations of Corvettes from 1953 to 2006. Click here to visit Corvette Forum

Corvette Action Center
Corvette Action Center The Ultimate Online Hub of Corvette News and Information!"
The prime directive of the Corvette Action Center is to promote the awareness, preservation and enjoyment of the Chevrolet Corvette and help educate owners and enthusiasts by providing a professional and reliable online source of Corvette news and information. Interesting C4 forum sections here specialize in Callaway models, LT4 equipped Corvettes and the mighty ZR1 models along with technical performance and for sale sections for all C4 models. Click here to visit Corvette Action Center

Before spending your valuable money or wasting your time, stop by one of these free web sites. They were built to help out other C4 owners when any type of problem one would encounter. And if you can help out another C4 owner, please participate at the Corvette Forum or Corvette Action Center discussion web sites. You’ll soon discover that there exists a vast and highly knowledgeable Internet community that is glad to help you out with any of your C4 issues.
Please email me if you have a web site to recommend for helping with C4’s.