Power Train Issues

Power Train Issues relate to the engine, transmission and rear end.   The table below gives symptoms and possible diagnosis of the problem.  The possibilities are the more common problems and the web site visitor is advised that the list is not all inclusive.  The list is limited to the engine since the transmission and rear end problems (that can be repaired by the average home mechanic) are generally to complex or require special tools not normally available.

Engine Problems

Engine will not rotate. Battery flat or corrosion on the terminals, Auto Transmission not in Park or Neutral, Clutch not fully depressed, Switch which signals that these conditions are present has failed.
Engine rotates but never fires. Fuel Tank empty, weak battery or terminal corrosion present, faulty fuel pump or fuel pump relay, leaking injectors, no ignition voltage (no coil output), Fouled or worn out spark plugs, carbon tracked distributor components.
Hard to start when cold. On older or high mileage C4 vehicles, the vacuum hoses can be partially plugged, battery flat, leaking injectors, throttle body interior walls fuel calked, carbon tracked distributor components.
Hard to start when hot Same as above.
Starts but immediately dies. Clogged fuel filter, vacuum leak.
Oil leaks under car. Oil pan gasket or drain plug leaking, leak in rear of intake manifold, oil pressure sending unit leaking, rear main seal leaking.
Erratic idle. Vacuum leakage, leaking EGR and/or PVC valve, Clogged air filter, blown head gasket, timing problems, fuel pump problems, dirty throttle body.
Engine miss. Spark Plugs and/or wires, vacuum leaks, timing problems.
Engine does not accelerate smoothly. Spark Plugs, dirty throttle body, clogged fuel filter, timing problems, induction system leak (intake manifold, throttle body mating surface/gasket.
Engine Stalls. Fuel filter dirty, bad fuel, water somewhere in ignition system, plugs and/or plug wires, vacuum leak.
Poor response (lack of power). Timing problems, problems with ignition system (plugs and/or wires, distributor components), clogged fuel filter, restricted exhaust system, intake manifold leak, vacuum leak.
Grinding noise when turning one direction only or both directions. Bad wheel bearing(s), tires contacting the body.
Snapping noise from rear of car. Universal joint problem, half shaft problem. rear end wear problem.