Routine Maintenance (1984-1991 models. See service manual for later C4s)

On the C4 Corvette, there are several maintenance items which should be attended to on a regular basis. The items are cumulative meaning the frequent items are also done whenever the less frequent items are attended to.

Every 300 miles or every week (whichever comes first):

Every 3000 miles of every 3 months (whichever comes first):

All of the above plus:

Every 7500 miles or once a year (whichever comes first):

All of the above plus:

Every 30,000 miles or every 24 months (whichever comes first):

All of the above plus:

Every 100,000 miles or 6 years (whichever comes first):

Perform ALL of the above steps plus:

Routine Maintenance Part Numbers (L-83 & L-98 engine):

Item Model Year Part Number
Spark Plug 1984 AC R45TS
Spark Plug Cast Iron Heads 85-87 AC R43CTS
Spark Plug Alum Heads 87-91 AC FR5LS
Oil Filter 1984-1991 AC PF25
Air Filter 1984 AC A862C
Air Filter 1985-1991 AC A917C
PCV Valve 1984 AC CV853C
PCV Valve 1985-1991 AC CV774C
Engine Oil 1984-1991 SAE SF, SF/CC, SF/CD
Auto Trans Fluid All Dexron II, IIE, III (ATF)
Manual Trans Fluid Four Speed SAE 80 Gear Lube
Manual Trans Fluid Six Speed GM P/N 1052931
Overdrive Unit All Dexron II ATF Fluid
Differential All SAE80W or 80-90W GL-5 lubricant w/ GM limited slip additive
Coolant All Water and Ethylene to at least 20 below zero F
Brake Fluid All DOT Type 3
Clutch Fluid All Manual Trans DOT Type 3
Power Steering Fluid All GM Power Steering Fluid
Chassis Lubrication All Lithium Base Chassis Grease


Engine Oil 5 Quarts
Cooling System 14 Quarts (1984-1990)
Automatic Transmission 4.5 quarts
6 Speed Manual Transmission 4.4 Pints