C4 Regular Production Options

The C4 Corvette Regular Production Options (RPO) list is lengthy and each model year brought changes, additions and deletions.  (The RPO list for a specific vehicle can be found on the inside of the console storage compartment lid in the form of a sticker, can often be found on a stick attached to the gas tank or a "build sheet" can be purchased from the National Corvette Museum - 800 -53-vette).

Some of the basic RPO options that remained more or less constant throughout the life of the C4 generation Corvette were as follows:

RPO Description
ACI Passengers 6 Way Power Seat
AC3 Drivers 6 way Power Seat
AS8 Restraint System Manual 
CC3 Removable Roof (Transparent)
CF7 Removable Roof Non-Transparent)
C2L Removable Roof Package (Both Tops)
C49 Defogger, Rear Window, Electronic
C60 Manually Controlled Air Conditioning
C68 Electronicically Controlled Air Conditioner
DL8 Heated Outside Mirrors
D74 Vanity Inside Visor
FE1 Suspension, Soft Ride
FE7 Suspension, Heavy Duty
FX3 Ride and Handling, Electronic
GH0 Rear Axle, 3.54 Ratio
GM1 Rear Axle, 2.59 Ratio
GU2 Rear Axle, 2.73 Ratio
GW4 Rear Axle, 3.31 Ratio
G44 Rear Axle, 3.07 Ratio
G92 Rear Axle, Performance Ratio
JL9 Brakes, Anti-Lock Front and Rear Disc
J55 Brakes, Heavy Duty
KC4 Cooler, Engine Oil
K09 Generator (Alternator), 120 Amp
K68 Generator (Alternator), 105 Amp
MD8 Transmission, Auto, 4 Speed THM 700-R4
ML9 Transmission, Manual, 6 Speed, ZF
NK4 Steering Wheel, Sport Leather
UJ6 Indicator, Low Tire Pressure Warning
UM6 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek & Scan, Auto Rev cassette, Clock, ETR
UQ4 Speaker System, Bose
UU8 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette, Dolby, Clock, ETR
U19 Cluster, Kilometers & Miles
U52 Cluster, Electronic
V01 Radiator, Heavy Duty
Z51 Performance Handling
Z6A Defogger, Rear Window and Outside Mirrors
24S Roof, Removable Blue Transparent
K05 Heater, engine Block
L83 EFI Engine, 5.7L V8 (1984 Only)
L98 TPI Engine, 5.7L V8
LT1 TPI Engine, 5.7L V8
LT4 TPI Engine, 5.7L V8
LT5 TPI Engine, 5.7L V8