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Corvette C1 Screen Saver C4 Photos

Corvette Screen Saver Photos
C5 Photo
C5 Photo
C5 Photo
C5 Photo
C5 Photo
Click on any photo to see much larger size
Corvette Screen Saver Installation Directions
Simply download the screen saver file below to your hard drive and place it in the /windows directory. Then select “C1 Vettes” from your list of screen savers. This screen saver uses the Corvettes displayed above in 800 by 534 pixel dimensions. Please email me if you need any additional assistance. (Not MAC compatible)
Note: Please be patient as this screen saver is 3 1/2 Megabytes in size. I wanted to keep the photos high resolution with very little compression which results in this large file size. Let me know what you think about this screen saver and if you have any suggestions or ideas, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Directions for Creating Windows Wallpaper
Clicking on the above photo will take you to a typical 8 by 10 inch photograph. Please be patient because this image has very little compression for high quality output. If you like the image and want to use it as a wallpaper background, simply click on it with your right mouse button, and choose the “set as background” option.
Interested in Including a Photo of Your Corvette
If you would like to have your Corvette included in the next screen saver, please email me a photo in 800 by 600 pixel resolution or larger size . Please click here to send me your Corvette photo.