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Sold 1965 Silver Pearl Corvette Coupe For Sale - $59,900
Superb Original Condition
Looking for a classic Corvette that surely will appreciate while providing you with many miles of driving fun? Then here is a great choice - a 1965 Pearl Silver Coupe that looks and drives like it's new. You'll be amazed as this classic Corvette delivers high performance, comfort, and reliability. There may not be a nicer and more pampered 1965 Coupe for sale anywhere else. The current owner has meticulously maintained and lovingly preserved this Corvette to its original state. Stop looking at other mid year Corvettes which have many unanswered questions. There's no need to spend additional money on this superb Coupe. It's all done for you! If you are searching for the ultimate C2 that looks and drives like the day it was built, then call Mike at 724 423-3080 or click here to email him for more details.
Freshly Rebuilt Motor
The motor was recently rebuilt at a cost of over $3,000 and performs like new. It's 327 cubic inch motor easily generates 300 horsepower and offers high performance with the added benefit of possessing great cruising traits. Take it for a fun ride in the country or even across the country without worries. You'll draw large crowds of admirers at local car cruises with many folks marveling at its unbelievable condition. People always stop by to reminisce about how they remembered these great Corvettes from their past days.
Gourgeous Exterior
The Pearl Silver paint on this classic is very clean for a Corvette that is over forty years old. It glistens in the day and night and is one of the nicest colors for classic Corvettes. And it one color that is not seen very often for the mid year Corvettes. Combined with a stunning black leather interior and you'll love this fantastic color combination. Many observers have commented on how clean the paint looks and you can be assured it has not been abused in its past history. This Corvette shows no evidence of body damage and still possesses the clean design from its glory days.
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Spotless Chassis
Talk about a clean chassis! This one is hard to put into words. The owner spent many hours cleaning and detailing it and it looks like the day it was first delivered to its owner in Mckeesport in 1965. Many C2 Corvettes have chassis that are aged and rusted that do not make good appearances at cruises and shows. You'll be proud to take this classic Corvette to any type of show or cruise and stand a very good chance of winning some awards. Very few other C2's that are driven can showcase their undercarriages like this one.
Desired Options
This Corvette has an automatic powerglide transmission, power brakes, power steering, power windows, factory side exhausts (dealer installed), and an AM / FM radio. Around 10% of 1965 Corvettes were ordered with automatic transmission making this a hard to find model. It makes a long cruise a pleasure versus the manual transmission models. It's seats were recently redone in new black leather and the rest of its interior looks new. There is so much more to discuss about this amazing Corvette but it is best to contact its current owner Mike at 724 423-3080 to find out more. He will gladly answer your questions and provide more background information about this fine classic Corvette.

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Owner's Phone 724 423-3080